This series of staged surgeries saves limbs

The quickest and most effective way to eradicate infection is to amputate far away from the infection. For example, toe infections can be completely controlled with a ray amputation (removal of the toe and part of the metatarsal). However, midfoot infections are very difficult to treat with a single surgery aside from a leg amputation. … Continue reading This series of staged surgeries saves limbs

Flexor Tenotomy for Toe Ulcers

Diabetic neuropathy causes toes to form into hammertoes, which is a deformity that can cause ulcers to form at the tips of the toe. When this happens, they sometimes can be treated by offloading the insole. However, these ulcers are notorious for coming back or not healing therefore requiring surgery. There are various surgical procedures … Continue reading Flexor Tenotomy for Toe Ulcers