How To Get Diabetic Shoes

What is special about diabetic shoes? Diabetic shoes are different from regular shoes because they have extra depth to accommodate a thicker insert, seamless interior because seams can rub onto the skin, and bigger toe box to accommodate for hammertoes which people with neuropathy can get. The most important thing is the extra depth, because … Continue reading How To Get Diabetic Shoes

Shoe Lacing Techniques to Reduce Friction Blisters

We know shear forces (friction) causes blisters, which leads to foot ulcers in people with diabetes and neuropathy. There are a couple shoe lacing techniques I’d like to share with you to help reduce the friction in your shoes. If you have a high arch foot type, the top of your foot may rub against the … Continue reading Shoe Lacing Techniques to Reduce Friction Blisters

Doc! Do I Have A Bone Infection?

This is something that can happen, where you have a deep foot ulcer, and rightly so, your doctor is concerned and suspicious for a bone infection because of how deep the ulcer is. An x-ray is ordered, which is negative. Well, x-rays are not very sensitive for bone infection, so next, a MRI (magnetic resonance … Continue reading Doc! Do I Have A Bone Infection?

How to Avoid Foot Amputations

I will tell you the story of Joe, what went wrong, and the lessons we learned from his unfortunate experience. Before the Amputation When Joe was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago, he remembers his first thought was of people he knew with diabetes who have had their foot amputated. He was afraid that he was next … Continue reading How to Avoid Foot Amputations