This series of staged surgeries saves limbs

The quickest and most effective way to eradicate infection is to amputate far away from the infection. For example, toe infections can be completely controlled with a ray amputation (removal of the toe and part of the metatarsal). However, midfoot infections are very difficult to treat with a single surgery aside from a leg amputation. … Continue reading This series of staged surgeries saves limbs

Webspace Infection

This is a man who has been dealing with a diabetic foot ulcer for months, got infected seeding infection into the first webspace. It was opened up immediately¬†and luckily the infection did not appear to involve the second toe despite the x-ray findings. Second metatarsal head diabetic foot ulcer with deep infectionConcern for infection of … Continue reading Webspace Infection

A subtle diabetic flesh eating infection

This man came into the hospital with a wound on his right foot with some swelling and redness. His x-ray did not show evidence of bone infection or gas. An MRI was ordered which showed a bit of swelling in the muscles and skin, no abscess or bone infection. He was awake and talking pleasantly. … Continue reading A subtle diabetic flesh eating infection