Why Shear Forces Wreck Diabetic Feet

When we walk, there is always a little bit of shear with every step. Think of how we rub our hands together to create warmth. If we rub the hands enough, calluses will develop, like on the hands of a carpenter or weight lifter. They can wear gloves to prevent some of this callus buildup. … Continue reading Why Shear Forces Wreck Diabetic Feet

Understanding Diabetic Foot Infections

We treat infections either surgically or with antibiotics, sometimes both. How we devise the treatment plan depends on what kind of infection we are dealing with, so let's talk about the different kinds of infections. Cellulitis (skin infection) Cellulitis is the medical word used to describe an infection of the skin. Usually, there is a … Continue reading Understanding Diabetic Foot Infections

How to Avoid Foot Amputations

I will tell you the story of Joe, what went wrong, and the lessons we learned from his unfortunate experience. Before the Amputation When Joe was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago, he remembers his first thought was of people he knew with diabetes who have had their foot amputated. He was afraid that he was next … Continue reading How to Avoid Foot Amputations